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Why Service at your Local Dealership

When it’s time for routine maintenance and repairs, many find it to be quite a problem. But every vehicle owner has got to admit it at some point that keeping your vehicle safe and reliable for as long as possible requires routine maintenance and service checkups. One of the greatest challenges people face is which place to go? A local dealership near me or big chains service centers. At Ed Morse Honda Service, we believe that owning and getting a proper maintenance for your vehicle should always be affordable, hassle-free and rewarding, and your nearby Honda dealer can help. Here are some reasons why.


To ensure convenient service, dealers offer extended service hours that include weekends, express service lane, mostly done online for routine maintenance and necessary repairs, guaranteed time of delivery and often, offering shuttle or loaners while repairs are being done on your car.


Dealerships offer Original Equipment (OEM) auto parts, which are made by the manufacturer to suit specifically your vehicle’s make, and thus, you are getting a guaranteed genuine parts that perfectly fit into your vehicle framework.


Today, all new cars carry manufacturer warranties that determine repair processes and maintenance schedules. Dealerships can offer any repairs covered by a maintenance plan or by warranty completely free, as long as it’s done under warranty. Also, Extended Service Contracts can as well be obtained from dealerships for additional protection.


Both in, service and sales, a dealer’s primary goal is providing total customer service satisfaction. The finest way to achieving this is offering the top quality service for your car at a very competitive price. You can trust your local dealer to keep your vehicle running smoothly by providing you with premier maintenance services, giving you a complete peace of mind.

If you’d like to keep your vehicle working like new for a long time, we advise you visit our well-equipped Ed Morse Honda dealership today. We are very fortunate to represent a brand we believe in; Honda is the industry that stands for Quality, Reliability, and Durability.

So whether it’s an oil change, brake pad, tire rotation, fluid flushes, cooling system or a complete overhaul, your vehicle will be taken care of by the very best, and we have the resources to carry out this claim. There are several benefits to visiting Ed Morse Honda dealership for service and repairs, and we urge you to contact us for more information. Come with your questions and concerns and we will be more than happy to help you.