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Cleaning your car’s interior and exterior isn’t enough. You can’t spray your car clean and call it a day. The engine is the heart of your car and requires regular maintenance just like the rest of the car.

Here’s how you can clean your car’s engine.

  • Prepare your engine for cleaning – Remove any debris you can get your hands on. Look for debris in your grill, hood and vent openings. Try using compressed air if you can because it will make the job much quicker. Make sure you cover sensors, exposed wires, the distributor and spark plug openings. You can cover them with plastic bags.
  • Loosen accumulated grease – This step is a piece of cake. All you have to do is start the car and let it idle for 5-10 minutes. Warm engines work great with engine degreaser.
  • Apply engine degreaser – Use a water or citrus based cleaner for this step. Put the degreaser on from the bottom up so that it won’t drip down while you are cleaning the engine. Don’t overspray the degreaser as it will remove wax from the fenders. After applying degreaser, use a hose to hose areas which weren’t protected like the hood and grill. Let the degreaser soak for three minutes if your car engine is clean. If the engine is dirty, let it soak for five minutes in order to loosen everything. Use a brush in tandem with some car wash solution so that the brush has a little help removing heavy soil before you begin hosing down the engine.
  • Wash the engine – After the degreaser has sat for a couple of minutes, use a hose to wash the engine. Do not use a high-pressure hose as it might damage electrical connections even if they’re covered. Regular garden hoses work fine.
  • Dry the engine – Do not let your engine air dry. Let the engine dry itself through the heat it generates. After a few minutes, wipe the engine down with a dry cloth.
  • You’re done. That wasn’t too hard, was it?

Don’t be intimidated when it comes to washing the engine in your car. Take the initiative and try it out today, you’ll find that it’s easier than it sounds but if you’re unsure or rather have Ed Morse Honda certified service technicians check and wash your engine just stop by Monday thru Saturday. We are located in Riviera Beach near West Palm Beach, Juno, and Jupiter we can perform an multi-point inspection and clean your engine. Check our monthly offers page for valuable money saving service coupons.