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Important Tips For Tires:

Car tires are critical for the vehicle’s overall performance and also to your safety. A good tire can offer better gas mileage, a smooth riding experience, and also good control over steering. Tires are quite expensive and the average cost per tire is around $175. Here are a few easy tips to maintain your car tires in great condition.

Check your tire once or twice a month to check the wear and overall condition. Inspecting your tire can help avoid a serious accident. If you find any irregularities like irregular wear between tires, punctures, or bulging, get it checked out immediately.
Get a Wheel Alignment:
A wheel alignment helps in offering better control, increased fuel efficiency, and also ensures that tires don’t wear off unevenly. Wheel alignment also stops premature wearing of wheels. Getting your wheel aligned doesn’t nearly cost as much when compared to a full tire replacement. A wheel alignment is necessary to keep your wheels in great condition.
Maintain Correct Air Pressure:
Underinflation causes the tire to flex more and gives less fuel economy. Overinflation causes the tire to wear off more quickly. Thus, it is important to maintain the perfect air pressure. The recommended air pressure can be found in the driver’s manual of your car or a quick internet search also helps.
Tire Rotation:
The weight of a car is not distributed equally. The front wheels wear earlier than the rear. Rotating the wheels will increase the lifespan of your tires as this ensures even wear of the tire. Experts recommend that you rotate your tires every three thousand to five thousand miles.

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