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Reasons to upgrade the differential air induction

Your vehicle does not come with a differential air induction system. You can add this customized system to your vehicle. Whether you buy it or make your own there are many benefits that you will get by upgrading the differential air induction system.

Increase the Throttle

When you are taking the vehicle up the hill or have to stop at the light, you will need more power for such actions. When you have the stock-air system it will send the warm air towards the combustion chambers of the vehicle. It will reduce the response time of the car and you will get lesser efficiency. When you have the differential air induction in the car it will deliver cold air to the combustion system that will enhance the overall efficiency of the car.

More horse power

Cooler air has more oxygen and it is more conducive to burning fuel.

The cold air will enhance the efficiency of the fuel burning procedure and it will eventually enhance the power of the car.

-With every 10 degrees decrease in the temperature, the power of the car will increase by 1%.
-On the other hand, you are only burning warm air in the car.
-With the installation of the differential air induction, the horsepower of your vehicle will be enhanced every time you press the gas pedal you will feel it.

Gas mileage will increase

Remember that the warm air is less dense as compared to the cold air. When you have the cooling system installed in your vehicle you will increase the overall gas mileage. The fuel will be burned more efficiently and that will enhance the mileage of your car. Your car will consume less fuel so you can save money.

Spend less on Filters

It is easy to remove and clean the systems of the differential air induction system. You can easily remove the filters wash them with soapy water and rinse in cold water. It is important that you read the instructions related to re-oiling the system. By cleaning the system, you will not have to replace the filters after every 15,000 miles.

Improved performance

With the differential air induction system installed in the vehicle it will circulate the cold air in the engine and so the temperature will remain under control and overall efficiency and performance of the vehicle will be increased. In this way, the internal components of the car will take less stress and the life of the vehicle will increase.

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