Why Is Your Car Shaking?

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There is hardly any person who likes the experience of being stranded with a faulty car on a road and no car repair shop in the vicinity. In fact, on several occasions, such instances can be easily avoided if you make a habit of regular vehicle maintenance. It is not unusual for some vehicle parts to wear out with time. However, at times, it becomes more expensive for you to solve a bigger issue, which could have been easily avoided if you had maintained your vehicle regularly.

An extremely common problem, which drivers experience often, is car shaking. Such an incident can happen while braking or accelerating your car. Here are a few causes of why your car shakes too frequently:

Problem with your Wheels

When a steering wheel feels wobbly or wiggly while driving a vehicle, it can lead to vibration problems. Plus, it also signifies that the wheel of a vehicle is not spinning well. The issue may be also linked to ball joints, tie rod ends, or the wheel bearings.

Problem with your Tires

Based on the type of shaking a driver is experiencing, the issue can be also linked to the car tires. Such a shaking problem can be resolved in many ways. When the driver/passengers feel the vibration after certain speed, it usually means the car tires may have to be balanced. In case there is an uneven wearing of the tires that are causing the vibrations, you will need a tire rotation. There are scenarios when a driver may need to put new tires for solving the vibration problem.

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